Jul 6, 2007

Let's go to the zoo??

Click here and Learn the names of some zoo animals in English with this interactive picture dictionary exercise. GREAT!!
The farm animals story - Click here to read.
The perfect pet - Click here to read.

Jul 4, 2007

Jun 21, 2007


Click here, watch a video and learn the numbers!

Numbers (1-10) :Match / Jumbled words / Write the numbers

Numbers (1-20) : Match / Jumbled words / Type the number

Ordinal Numbers: Match / Type the number

Exercise1 - Exercise 2 - Exercise 3

Days, Dates and Months...

Months - Hangman
Days: Exercise 1 - Exercise 2 - Exercise 3
Months: Exercise 1 - Exercise 2 - Exercise 3

Click here and learn the days of the week!

Click here and learn the days of the month!

American Sign Language...

American Sign Language click here to learn it!

Jun 11, 2007

Hello and Goodbye...

Click here to watch a great video and learn how to introduce yourself.

May 25, 2007

Body Language

doubtful, suspicious, questionable

bored; fatigue

bored to death; worn out

To see a little bit more about gestures, body language and facial expressions click here

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